How to reach the Right Audience

You really can reach your target audience, you just need to know where your audience is spending their time. Here’s some examples of how you can target your audience:

  • Geographically
  • Employer
  • Age
  • Language
  • Interests (varies and can be extremely narrow based on your product or message)
  • How they spend their money
  • Income
  • Political Affiliation
  • Custom Audiences (Upload your client email list to reach an even more narrow audience)
  • Contact us for even more

It’s critical to recognize the demographics and psychographics available for targeting, but don’t forget you need to reach individuals where they’re already spending time.

Three recent research studies show active Internet users spend anywhere from 16% to nearly 25% of their online time on social networks. (source)

Social media users aren’t brief with their visits either. PQ Media found the average U.S. Internet user spends around 33 hours per month on the Internet and about 8 of those hours on social media.

That’s why it’s critical to extend your Digital Strategy on Social Media. But, you already know about social media. What about everything else?

Need to reach people when they’re not on social media? We’ll answer for you, yes you do. Meet people right where they are when they’re reading their favorite blog, news site, or shopping online and place your message where they will see it.

Using Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin, Hulu, Pandora and other audience networks, TAGGED Digital Strategies can help you reach individuals on social media, and on the websites, the apps they use and more. By doing so we can reach users on their tablet, phone, desktop, TV and more.

Let’s reach the right people, right where they are.