TAGGED Digital Strategies Chosen As Finalist for 2017 Reed Awards

TAGGED Digital Strategies has been chosen as a finalist for the 2017 Reed Awards in the “Best Website for Ballot Initiative” category.

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Screen Shot PNC site

With a launch date of the campaign with only 6 weeks until Election Day, the campaign was almost solely reliant on digital. This meant that the most important aspect of the campaign, was the website.

Our opposition, the Yes on 2 campaign (pro legalization of recreational marijuana) had a large 25 point lead in the polls when we began, and when we were finished just 6 weeks later we had closed the gap to only 8 points.

Data suggested that once Nevadans were educated on the issue, they were highly likely to Vote No on Question 2, against legalization of recreational marijuana. The obstacle in our way, was time.

Our website allowed us to move the needle in persuasion on the issue of legalizing recreational marijuana faster than we could have solely reliant on mail or ground game. Knowing this, the votenoon2nevada.com website was created with three specific goals in mind: Appeal to Nevada mothers, to include easily shareable content, and educating to persuade. Polling found that most Nevadans didn’t realize the dangers associated with legalized recreational marijuana and/or the record of legalized recreational marijuana in other states. Knowing this, the website was heavily focused on sharing information and changing minds with education. Especially our most persuadable audience on the issue, mothers.

Our designer did an incredible job presenting the Vote No on 2 messaging with a shareable and winning user experience. Without the website, the extensive persuasion shift the campaign made, wouldn’t have been possible. We’re proud of our team.

– Heidi Peters Tagliaferri, Owner